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Related lists

On this page you can find several pointers to search engines to find related mailing lists in the field (and subfields of) Cognitive Science. Information about a few other lists concerning Cognitive Science can be found here as well.

Other Cognitive Science lists

  • has a twofold objective:
    • It supports the further development of the Cognitive and Psychological Sciences Index. Participants are invited to make proposals for further extensions of the index. Such extensions may include single items as well as new topics and pages.
    • It supports discussions on topics related to Cognitive Science research. Please note that this list focuses on research issues. There are other lists with a more general scope.

    The procedures for joining and leaving the list are described on the subscription page.

    Anne Jacobson and Cynthia Freeland, both of the philosophy department at the University of Houston, have created this list.
    It is concerned with topics involving cognitive science, arts and the humanities. Here you will find the Web-site for the list, which will give you a somewhat fuller idea of the list's scope.

    If you want to join the list, you can do so by sending the following command:
    Sub cogsci-hum <your name>
    to the following address:

  • FISC an Initiative for the Funding and Insertion of young researchers in Cognitive Sciences.
    FISC consists of two lists, FISC for information and FISC-D for (French) discussions. Subscription goes to; in the body of your email you either write:
    subscribe fisc Firstname Lastname (and/or)
    subscribe fisc-d Firstname Lastname

    See the Web-site for more information.

  • COGNITIV-L Discussion List
    List for discussion of concepts/definition from the point of view of both Cognitive Science and Cultural Psychology (Vygotsky, Luria, Tulviste) and related subjects, such as: formal vs. informal thought, animal vs. human cognition, the role of artifacts in cognition, the relation between literacy and cognition, cognition and new technologies (internet, hypertext), cognitive semantics, identity and the concept of self.
    To subscribe send the message
    subscribe Cognitiv-l your name
    to or contact the list-owner at mentioning Cognitiv-L in the subject of your message.

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